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Running Project

Under this project, we get you contracted through a court agreement and if you are not able to do it, then we make this project successful for you. Nepali Golden Asparagus is a medicinal plant. In this cultivation, hail, hoarfrost and even if there is a fire, the crop is not spoiled. In contract farming, we give you facilities for planting saplings and selling them in the market. This project should be done in the above field only with the facility of boring and fencing. Keep in mind that water should not be filled in the field. The loam soil which is friable is considered the most suitable for this cultivation. This cultivation cannot be done in black or yellow sticky soil. We get this project done using a state-of-the-art method in which drip and mulching is used. So that water and labour can be saved. This project is done in a completely organic manner with the help of an agricultural expert. In this project, we plant 12000 saplings at an appropriate distance. From 4 to 5 kg of root is obtained from one plant, but assuming we will get at least 1 kg 500-gram root, then we get at least 18000 kg wet roots from 12 thousand plants. In this process [boiling - peeling - drying], 30% (5400 kg) of goods are left. If seen from INR 200 rupees (fixed price) then INR 200 rupees and 5400 kilo grams = 10,80000 rupees. You will get this return in two years. If you want to make your agreement at the market rate, then the company will sell your finished crop after ensuring the market rate at that time. After selling your goods at market rate, the company will charge 15% service fee of the crop sold. For those who do not have their own above-mentioned farm, we give them projects on the leased land by the company. From his care, he prepares the goods and sells them in the market. Your given amount is fully insured. From time to time, you are shown your project with digital technologies. We have complete transparency in our work. You can contact us for more information. We are doing this project on a large scale in about 200 acres.


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